A fusion of Art, Technology and Craftsmanship. 

In moleskins, with pens that squirm and squiggle,
Shawn Kemp's art starts with just a giggle.
A doodle here, a sketch there,
Soon a concept begins to flare.

With generative code, so neat and so slick,
Javascript draws it out, quick as a lick.
Creating dimensional blueprints that astound,
And millions of forms to explore all around.

Through a laser's beam, the layers cut with care,
Stacks upon stacks, a visual affair.
Assembled with glue, and a touch so light,
Shawn Kemp's art is a colorful delight.

It plays with shadows, and dances with light,
A statement piece, that will put up a fight.
For attention, in any room or space,
It'll spark conversation, with a smile on your face.

Made with ❤️ in Bellingham, WA

Have questions or just want to say hi?

Email: upspireart@gmail.com

Text: 360.797.5544

Twitter: @shawnkemp

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Sketching with pens, iterating with code, cutting with lasers, stacking paper.


Technological innovation and community building through a lens of regenerative paradigms. Turning ideas into reality.
Generative artist and technologist turning ideas into reality. A focus on regenerative systems and paradigms.