Hi my name is Shawn I enjoy creating art that brings delight and joy to people’s lives. I love to combine technology with craftsmanship to create distinctive and unique artworks that are full of emotion and feeling. 

I draw my inspiration and use skills from an interesting and unique life journey. Each piece requires deep technical mastery of vector drawing software, the ability to visualize in 3D, operate a computer controlled high power laser, woodworking, and color theory. 

While I use cutting edge technology to push the limits of what is possible I finish my pieces using hand tinted shellac, the same stuff that master craftsmen have finished the finest violins with for decades. 

Many of my IRL artworks are also registered on the blockchain so their authenticity is verifiable and can be purchased and exchanged by collectors using crypto currencies. These digital tokens define the ownership of each piece of real life artwork. 

My story begins where I was conceived in the Sierra national forest on the shores of Florence lake which waters powers most of Southern California. As a young child I found a love and respect for nature, camping, and backpacking with my parents and our llamas. 

ad you might have guessed my early childhood was anything but traditional. Living in trailer parks on the California coast in an airstream trailer. Then a Yurt and later a geodesic dome on the banks of the Rogue river. I spent my days homeschooled exploring nature and computers with the freedom to find my passions. 

As a teenager I spent my days surfing and exploring aquatic environs in the clear blue waters of Hawaii and helped design and build a solar car that in 1993 became the first vehicle to cross the US from California to Delaware on only the power of the sun. 

In college I studied industrial design which taught me how to combine creativity with the tools to design and build it. I honed my skills as an artist learning the fundamentals of drawing, painting, and color. 

I helped introduce the world to Xbox as a creative director pushing the edges of digital design for the global website and online communities. Breaking the rules for how gamers interacted and connected virtually. 

Then I managed the online efforts for the Windows family of products. Before burning out and looking for a more meaningful challenge. 

I joined a nonprofit technology group and helped to translate concepts of relationship marketing to the environmental and sustainability movements. Where I met someone who later became a co-founder of ActionSprout. 

Which is where I spend most of my days as a Chief Experience Officer to bring easy to use technology to hundreds of thousands of professionals working hard to make the world and our futures more just and vibrant for future generations. 

Outside of my art studio I enjoy spending time with my life partner and our two daughters. Cooking amazing dishes from food grown by local farmers. Hiking and exploring the peaceful and often wet forests of northwest washington.